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Hi Scott, thanks for the welcome.
I think the additional savings from keeping me occupied in NYC while not fishing should, I hope, make it financially worthwhile.
I only fish for trout. We have some beautiful rainbows and brookies and large browns hereabouts. I went Steelheading in PA last year, but didn't quite get the same kick rolling egg patters as I do while trying to outthink an experienced (non-migratory) trout.
I'll try to start out tying somewhat basic patterns like wooly buggers, elk-hair caddis, nymphs - pheasant tails, princes, etc. I bought an instructional tying guide and have been doing reseach on the web. Eventually I'd like to be able to tie any of the patterns I'd typically use around NY. Wets and drys. I'm pretty good with my hands and think with a bit of practice I'll be able to pull it off.
All the best,
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