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Had a little pre-game practice....

Went down to Lincoln Park in the bright sunshine....

...and concentrated on the "concave path." I saw some improvement. I was able to tell when my cast was off, and could sometimes recover by dropping the path a little lower. I would avoid the tailing loop, though the cast would sometimes roll into the water, instead of over the water (but that's to be expected when both lowering and and changing the angle of the line path).

I also worked on a having a more open backcast, with a steady application of power on the forward. I think I was sometimes a little too wimpy on the back cast because of the occasional whip-crack and disappearing flies. But when it all came together, boy would that thing fly!

I also entertained myself by working on my underhanded switch casts. I'd add a 5wt single-handed tip to the Guidelines Powertaper, and could shoot a couple of rod length's of running line, hitting 60 - 70' to the fly.

Such a relief to have some sunshine and light breeze here in Seattle!

Too bad about the 'hawks, though....

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