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RE:Monomoy Flats Clave

Hi Jim -

> How do you get access to the island?

There are two well-known shuttles, Rip Ryder and Outermost Harbor Cruises. Rip (Keith) will do a 5am given 6 Ryders. otherwise, the trip starts at 8am. The leave from Monomoy Wildlife Refuge and Outermost Harbor, respectively.

> Day trip/overnight?

Day trips only.

> Does the Cortland 444 clear tip fit the bill or does
> this require a full clear line? I've been looking at
> purchasing a couple of new lines and the floater with
> the clear tip looks good.

I haven't gone to the tip because I have the full, but the stealth requirement doesn't really kick in until summer if you ask me.

From my experience with sinktips in the great northwest, I know that the more floating line you got the easier it is to lift and mend the line (if that's what you need to do).

Because I always strip to the last inch and often use the option of a deep sunk fly using a 10 count or even a 20 count before stripping, the intermediate full line in clear is a better all-around investment for me if I had to make a choice.

Dave Boucher loves his clear tip 444, I'm sure it's a great line!

> Is the Cortland lazer line any better than the 444?

The laser's the high-end finish for the Cortland lines. Because the last several lines I bought were Big Game series 444, I haven't used the Laser in SWFF applications but it makes a great freshwater line for trout so one would assume so.

If I had to outfit myself for the year for shore fishing, I would buy two lines (each on their own spool) - 444 clear intermediate and a 325 grain QD 444. The others are nice but there's nothing you can't tackle with these two setups... unless you hop on a boat and go mooch the rips or want to fish a popper slowly or...

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