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Switch rods


Thanks for the recommendation on the switch rods.

I saw that you and Juro were involved in a thread with Mr. Meiser on another board regarding the switch rods.

They may be perfect for my needs.

Two questions though:
1. Can you really bang out much longer casts with these rods when casting 2 handed? I just want your opinion on this topic.

2. Do you think that these would meet my needs in an area without much room behind me for casting? Could I spey cast even just a little bit with these guys (my spey casting skills not withstanding)?

I am just curious. And I would like to hook up with you this summer. Last summer I flaked on you a few times for various reasons. But I hope to have more free time this summer since I am headed back to school in the Fall (so work will get less attention from me this summer!).

Thanks again,

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