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Kwan Fly

Question on the Kwan fly - The mono loop at the tail sounds like it doesn't just prevent fouling but somehow gives the snapping action of shrimp.
I have yet to find a decent recipe for this fly and am really putting it together from bits from different sources.

Tied hook point down
Craft fur tail marked with a sharpie to simulate segmentation.
Mono loop tied in at 45 degree angle (assuming up off the top of the shank)
Rabbit, marabou or chenelle collar at tail.
crab type body using yarn, unique fibre, etc...
bead or dumbell eyes with a weed guard in front of them.

Does anyone know just how that mono loop at the tail is suppose to be tied in, it really sound like the key to the whole pattern since it creates the snapping action.

It seems to me that the snapping tail would propel the shrimp backward with the head facing rearward. This pattern with the head forward and line pulling in that direction would go just the opposite.
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