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Thanks Juro


Thanks for all of your words of wisdom.

I have no desire to use the 2 hander from the yak. No way! Yak fishing is tough enough with a 9 footer.

I have a couple of reasons for wanting this rod from shore. I have found some stellar rips on the river that have little room for a back cast. So spey casting in these areas would be attractive (although my D loop needs plenty of work).

I also found some great spots with tight access along the rocks in Rye.

However, more often than not I would be overhead casting. There are 2 beaches that I frequent in August and September and they are overhead casting territory.

The good news: the bulk of the Spring rush of fish does not occur until the 2nd week in June up here in the North Country.

So, I will give you a ring at the end of May when I make my annual pilgrimage to Mecca (Chatham style) to try one of your 2 handers.

Thanks again for the inputs and offers Juro,

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