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First of all I am no longer commercially involved with CND however it's no secret I love the rods. The config I like is not part and parcel to any brand, it's form and function.

I would recommend that you experiment with one of my 14ft rods before making a purchase. I would suggest that a rod that exceeds the kayak in length might prove a bit cumbersome out there.

If you are thinking of using this as a shore weapon, that makes more sense but unless you are planning to Spey cast (verses overhead for distance) then 14ft is still more graphite than you need IMHO.

Longer two-handers are not designed for comfortable strip retrieving to impart action on the fly and the extra rod blank's purpose is to allow a lot of line to be left out of the guides while manipulating into a d-loop, and then providing extra power even when the line is not extended into a back-cast.

They are often made with an action that is more intent of holding a flexed load within it's softer taper to facilitate easier Spey casting.

An overhead cast does not require this action nor length because it is a different cast entirely to make.

Each reaches his/her own conclusions about what works for them but if you noticed what started out as debate with fellow two-handers on this topic when I likely had the most hours experimenting a few years back has now become concensus on the shorter lengths as others have spent more time applying two-handers themselves.

I do not want to unilaterally push you one way or the other but do yourself a favor and try a couple of my two-handers for yourself before you commit dollars for a saltwater two-hander.

Also contact Topher Browne who is a pro staff / instructor at LL Bean and experienced with two-handers.

Mike you and your brother and father have been very generous and a great asset to the Forum and I am completely sincere about my offer to loan you a 14ft rod and an 11ft rod to experiment with for yourself.
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