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Another opinion on clear cutting

I went to College at Montana State in Bozeman, MT.

The area in Southern MT North of Yellowstone has been
ravaged by clear cutters who used the practice of "slash and
burn." The affected areas don't grow back for generations,
if ever. I have been to areas that were clear cut 30 to 50
years ago and they are still a mess. I didn't find much
wildlife, including grouse, in these areas.

I realize there are those who might be misled by the claim
that small clear cuts are good; however, "small clear
cutting" is not what the logging industry is thinking when
they talk clear cutting. They want clear cut - slash and
burn. In most areas clear cutters do not reforest.

In my opinion clear cutting is an abomination on the
environment and should be banned.

It should be noted that there are two areas in the Highlight
Lake area near Bozeman that were cut in the early 70's. One
was clear-cut and reforested, the was clear cut slash and
burned. The reforested area is now ready for another
harvest, the slash and burn area is still a mess.

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