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The martial arts is a great way to go because it offers the mental as well as physical training. I played footbal in high school and also studied judo at the same time. Aside from the balance training and learning how to get hit and fall well, it tought me a lot about contact sports NOT being about fighting. I'm thinking tai chi as a starting point (I misspoke and said yoga in my earlier post, it was early and I was working on my first cup of coffee). Three years ago I bowhunted elk in Idaho's Bighole mountains and now it would literally kill me to try to do that. Things change quickly when you pass 40. It's definitely time to do something about it.

Those fad diets are bad news. I went on the Atkins diet because a frined at work had success with it, but apparently it aint for me. Your sentiments about making time now to be able to enjoy time later rings true Sean, I need to just create the time and make it happen.

I'll pick up that book this weekend.
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