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Sean -

5 times a week!! Wow.

I wouldn't want to mess with you before now I will need the less weight and cardio health to run in case I ever piss you off... so keep bulking up those heavy muscles in case I do

Mark -

Martial arts is great stuff; I am impressed you have done it for 15 years. I used to do it as a kid but now at 46 years young I get humbled by librarians and teenagers 2-3 times per week, 4-6 hours which is only a fraction of the time you train and teach. Sounds funny but the humbling part is really important to me because I've learned it's not about fighting. Like fly fishing it's about untangling a life mystery and striving for mastery in something that makes us well-rounded and well-centered people. I have no interest in being "tough" except to myself - I want to be self-disciplined and the best father, husband, worker, friend, teacher, student, all of the important things in life and karate is among life's best paths to that end as you already know even more than I.

It doesn't hurt that it gets me in shape as well.
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