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Congrats Juro. I did not think you had that much weight to lose. Good stuff.

I also am getting back on the workout train. Took a couple years off with the arrival of the new baby but for his and my sake I am getting back into it. So far 10 pounds gone in 3 weeks by eating lots of protein and hitting the gym 5 days a week. I build muscle quickly so the weight loss is slowing down but the inches are still going away. I feels so much better to be getting physical activity. Life is much better.

Moose your doctor gave you the best proactive advice there is. Watch what you eat and exercise.

I have always been leery of those diet fads like adkins where one can lose weight without excercising. To me you are only solving one part of the equation. You can be as skinny as a rail and still drop dead from a heart attack. The south beach diet looks alot more sensible.

Not having time is never an excuse. You just gotta fit it in. I will admit there are things I rather be doing but like Mark I want to be able to do the things I enjoy for a long long time.

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