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Moose -

One thing you can do is take those psyllium fiber capsules and eat foods that provide fiber (without carbs or fat). I take metamucil capsules 2 w/ breakfast and 1-2 more with meals later in the day unless I forget, but I always get those two with breakfast. I read that taking the right kind of fiber pills prior to meals can make a huge difference in the way your body processes food.

Anyway it's just fiber (not drugs) and for me it does not affect frequency of having to go in the least but it definitely improves the way I digest food. Without going into the details, you can definitely tell. But that's not why I take it.

I take it because (a) I have a history of colon cancer in the family (b) it blocks carbs and (c) it reduces cholesterol by moving it out of your body. I read that even a very healthy blend of high density lipoproteins (HDL) vs harmful LDLs can only get cholesterols to the large intestine but you need fiber to carry it out of the body or it sits there and accumulates. Yikes! With my genetics that sounds like a bad thing.

With plenty of exercise lately I think I am getting the HDL count up there and hopefully fast-forwarding cholesterol to the large intestine but unless it's effectively sent to the hopper my genetics could still fail me despite all my efforts. So fiber is an important ingredient in my recipe for health.

It might help lower your cholesterol level (?)
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