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Clear Cutting

I had always thought that fishemen and hunters were pretty much united in opposition to clear cutting. On our side, siltation, problems associated with lowering of the water table, and other factors resulting from clear cutting have shown that this practice is detrimental, sometimes devastating, to our streams and rivers.
In an article in the January 29 Buffalo News, however, a Dr. Michael Zagata proposes that some clear cutting is desirable to enhance ruffed grouse habitat. Zagata, executive director of the Ruffed Grouse Society, says that grouse thrive in the regrowth following the cutting. His proposal comes on the heels of complaints by grouse hunters of reduced birds in recent years.
The clear cutting battle has been tough enough when it was mainly going up against the rich, greedy, logging interests. But now it looks like we may have yet another foe to contend with.
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