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Congrats on your progress to date.

I have been pretty thin for the past 10 years. I avoid empty calories and I have worked out somewhat regularly over the past 8 years. Before that I worked out a lot more.

Anyway, 7 or 8 years ago I decided to trim some fat and bulk up at the same time. I was working at the Univeristy of Maine in Orono at the time. I spent 3 months on a Zone like diet (40/30/30 calorie breakdown so the carbs are a little limited). Anyway, in 3 months I lost some fat and definitely packed on muscle.

The routine works.

Back when I was in the midst of this routine I had a great life....
- Get up and cook a nice protein rich breakfast
- Do some research for 6 hours or so
- Go to the gym for 45 minutes
- Go to the Penobscot and spend 3-4 hours fishing for salmon or stripers (I had no idea that stripers were that far upriver)
-Cook a nice dinner with friends
-Sleep and repeat

Keep up the good work....

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