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Doin' the carb thing

On a related note...

I started the South Beach-esque carb limiting diet on December 1st while also starting a work-out regimen (Uechi-Ryu Karate) 2 nights a week. At that point I weighed roughly 190 pounds at 5' 7".

A freind gave me his book to read and I started to apply the theories of preventing sugar / starch based glycemia reactions and insulin (carbohydrates) while feeding the body with things it can convert into energy over longer periods of time (proteins).

I just wanted to drop a few pounds but so far I have dropped 18-19 pounds in two months and weigh 171-172 with a new goal of 168-ish while being more fit than I have in over a decade. Once there I will start training for muscle mass and hope to go back up to about 175 converted. I also intend to complete black belt training over the next few years.

Along the way I have discovered foods that are indulgently good but innocent for the body and will post them in this board FWIW....

Example breakfast:

Wasa sesame crisp (<10 carbs)
Baba gannouj or hummus (spread as if mayo)
layer of Taboule spread over
Scottish style lox laid over
squeeze of lemon
6oz low sodium V8 w/ celery stick (virgin bloody mary of sorts)

total carbs in that are minimal but it feels like I ate something rich and satisfying

Compare with bagel, cream cheese which are also yummy but the carbs, fat and calories there convert differently in the body. To me they dont taste any better but they turn into FAT.

Another example - dessert:

1/4 cup frozen blueberries just thawed
1/4 cup fresh blueberries
a few blackberries or other thrown in for variety
one tablespoon of plain yogurt (more to taste)
stir together to your liking

the frozen berries are a little sweeter and juicy while the fresh have a better texture so combined with the yogurt the make a rich purple dessert that is off the charts in terms of antioxidants and no less satisfying than a bowl of ice cream to me.

Add up to two tablespoons (a dollup) of pure whipped cream (e.g. cabot's) from a can which has 1g of carb and 1.5 g of fat - barely registering as long as you keep the topping to 2 tablespoons or less.

Compare that to a bowl of coffee heath bar crunch ice cream which is off the charts in sugar, carbs, fats, etc.

Sure at first it takes an adjustment but for me it was far less than regular soda to diet, or real sugar to splenda, etc. But the benefits are huge and frankly I am discovering new foods that I like as well or better and dropping the pounds fast.

Like fishing, it's all about satisfaction. Eating without concern for impact on the body is like gut hooking because you want to get the hook set well. I thought satisfaction from food was about the food itself but it's more like how the food and your body get along. Eating stuff that makes you unhealthy is a one-way street where the eating might be mighty fine but the living is pooor. Finding things that please the palate while making your body more healthy is much more satifying overall in the larger scope of life.
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