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Two-handed Overhead: Tailing loops, hat brims, etc.

I met George Cook today on the Snoqualmie River where he was a guest of the River Run fly shop, giving demos of Sage rods and Skagit casting techniques. I was fortunate in that he spent a fair amount of time with me, working on my casts.

He let me try a fun shooting head line on my little 6/7 two-hander: a WC 9/10/11 belly with a WC 7/8/9 Tip 1 (floating). When we got to the overhead tests, I found I kept having a tailing loop problem. George pointed out that I was hitting it too hard, too early (also as mentioned in Bob Olsen's post below). He said to open up the back cast, and not to really apply power until the rod was even the the bill of my ball cap. I could manage this, sort of. It felt like I was out of forward casting room by the time the rod got that far, and that I was pushing to my arm's limit to apply that last power before the stop (the stop being helped by my underhand hitting the Gortex). However, the tailing loop went away.

This seems like a good tip. I also wonder if lowering my hands a little will help that "running out of room" feeling.

I'd love to see some comments on this--thanks!

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