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Monomoy Clave Foodmeister

Mike and I are proud to take up the foodmeister duties for the Monomoy Clave and we hope we can live up to or excede expectations. Here are our current thoughts about the vituals.

Saturday Dinner:

Mike's way good chilli (he makes it hot so let me know if I should get him to tone it down a bit.)
Corn bread
Striper in my marinara sauce (if anyone brings one back)
Bluefish barbeque (again, if anyone brings one back)
Peach cobbler

Sunday Breakfast:


We have devised a quick way to get this served up and make it easy for those who are taking a later shuttle to get some extra sleep and still have breakfast.

How you can help:

We are putting out the call for some of the cooking tools and eddibles. Post what you will bring so we can keep duplicates at a minimum.

Dips (Terry, you know what we want. )
Veggies and veggie dip
Your favorite munchie/snack/horsderve
Coffee meister (if no takers we will bring instant)
If the group thinks it is a good idea - a beer meister - the group could also send someone on a beer run like we did at the Rhody Fest
A couple operational two burner camp stoves (we only have the backpacking variety)
A cast iron dutch oven
A large cooking pot (Al has mentioned he can bring this.)

Well those are our thoughts, plans, and needs. Lets hear your thoughts, critiques, wants, and contributions.
Tight Lines,

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