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Smile A little something to warm the cockles on the road home

Originally Posted by Willie Gunn
The air temperature was well below freezing with the line commonly freezing in the guides. How he managed to warm his hands I do not know, they breed hardy souls up there
So another glorious failure.
Next year it will happen next year.
Never mind Malcolm there is still a full season ahead.

The trees now naked groaning,
Shall soon wi' leaves be hinging,
The birdies, dowie moaning,
Shall a' be blythely singing,
And every flower be springing:
Sae I,ll rejoice the lee-lang day,
When, by his mighty warden,
My youth's return'd to fair Strathspey,
And bonnie Castle-Gordon.

P.S. Perhaps a wee toast to the bard may hav helped on the 25th

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