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Cape Trip Today- Southway almost closed

I drove down the Cape today to check on my cottage.... stopped by to see Mike Brady at the refuge... He tells me the Southway is NOW basically closed. This will have a drastic effect on Outermost, but not that bad, and he tells me that Keith has some new plans which I will let Keith speak about when he is ready to do so. Mike explained that even at high tide his boat drew only less than two feet and could not proceed.... this will efect the crib and increase the flats at the north end of North Monomy because of the west to east current... the major forces coming down from the current north is continuing to join south beach with south monomy.... as expected in the 125-175 year cycle..... also spoke with John Molander, an old local friend whom I have fished with and he does some diving for the Wild life service who readily confirmed this as well as major changes to the south end of North beach at the cut. A major storm might eventually open a cut at the thin land you see on the map on south monomoy about a mile or so from the north tip.... but we don't know now for sure. More later...John...........PS. According to Mike the town nor anyone else, Feds or State WILL dredge. They Know it will be unproductive and a waste of money.....Duh!...Mother nature wins again as it should be... the commercial fishing fleet, as small as it maybe has the cut as it always has had.....

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