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RE:Monomoy Clave - Inventory

This one is for you Roop.

Directs on how to make the baby fly:

1. Purchase a Plastic Baby doll/Or Barbie Doll, or if you have a daughter take one from her room while she is sleeping.
2. Take a 6/0-10/0 hook and place it through the upper body.
3. Take a small amount of crystal flash and tie it to the feet.

This fly become especially effective during the July-August time frame when there are lots of babies on the beach. The large stripers love these as they are a easy source of food. Usally I cast out with my back cast so I have my back to the fish. This imitated the stripers natural feeding style of waiting until the parents back it turned.

P.S. I don't think this will but if this joke upsets anyone I am seriously sorry and will remove it right away. If not I hope you have a good laugh.
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