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You bring up a good point. Never thought about it. I'm new to the flats (going to Eleuthera in March). My only experience was on Ascension Bay in Mexico and I never went deeper than my knees. However I was being guided with a I may have to wade deeper in Eleuthera (DIY).

Unfortunately there are no William Joseph dealers in Toronto anymore (we only have one dedicated fly shop) and they also don't carry C&F.

My other question was around a stripping basket getting in the way of a fanny pack.

I do already have a William Joseph Coast vest however I think it's overkill for the flats.

Was thinking about the over the one shoulder satchels to wear. That would seem to solve the stripping basket issue and getting wet issue. However, just wondering if weight on one shoulder is good for you long term.

Others please chime in.

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