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(note the bill in congress to increase fish farming by 500 percent which is surely this initiative behind closed board room doors)

When it comes to the environment, this administration is unconscious.

Krill is the foundation of the northern seas, the basis for everything from the herring to the whales and thus everything in between. I have old video footage of Swiftsure Bank's waters off-colored for acres (miles?) with krill and it was a chunky soup of everything you could imagine in a living churning food cycle that transformed the cold depths into a fertile environment rich with flashing herring, cruising dogfish, spouting whales and coho and king salmon in every direction as far as the eye could see, and as deep as you could get your line to sink.

In fact what stands out most while motoring out to the bank is the irony between these dark, hostile and crushingly deep 1000ft plus north pacific seas and the bounty that surrounds only the places where these krill are - night and day, heaven and hell, jekyl and hyde.

To vaccuum this up for some capitalistic self-serving good ol' boy shareholder's group is nothing short of rape. It boils down to priorities, and the almighty dollar reigns supreme. Such a fishery would transform these rich shoals of activity into frigid lifeless depths. Their vision is clouded by greed.
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