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Good to hear Jay is learning to Spey cast. I've been Spey casting during the nice weather breaks this winter on the Merrimac and Nashua Rivers locally just to keep tuned but only with a puff of yarn.

I had some fun with trout on a 5wt two-hander a few weeks ago on the Deerfield but I can't imagine fishing one on the Swift when a single hander can Spey cast across it even when high - or even roll cast across. It's certainly not about the fish for me out there; a typical western MA trout kind of feel like smolt on even the lightest two-hand designed for Spey casting on the market. I guess my anadromous upbringing has biased me a little.

In fact I cast my butt off at the show which is one of my favorite aspects of attending, and a variety of rod weights and models. I tend to save my winter fishing hall passes this time of year to seek real adventures in remote places like Acklins and needed to select a back-up travel bonefish rod (among a long list of other things) that can be make or break out there were even fresh water is a commodity.

Shortly after that I am headed to the Pacific Northwest for some real Spey action, the Skagit Valley, Olympic Peninsula, Columbia River tribs, etc. The materials I like are only available at shows, unless I want to waste much much more valuable time while out there searching for shops away from the river.

So I guess it all depends on one's perspective. The time at the show for me was far more valuable than mid-winter high-water MA trout because it puts me at the top of my game in Acklins where if you want feathers you have to kill a wild bird and for the Pacific Northwest where Spey actually has meaning in the quest for 20 pounds of chrome fury in the body of a native steelhead, an image so powerful to me that it has not weakened in my angler's heart since the first time I experienced it decades ago.
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