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RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...


I'm confused as well. I think the source of the confusion is that a third destination has cropped up - the south island trip(not to be confused with south beach). If you're interested in this late breaking opportunity, reply to Juro's post. If you're interested in the other two destinations, use the database tools to update your information (or signup for the first time). For times other than the 6 am departure, someone from the group will have to call Rip Ryders and tell them that n number of anglers are interested in going. I'll volunteer to do that. Let's agree that the cut off time to signup/update your choice is Friday at noon.

In addition, I will add a comment field to the database so that campers can list what they will bring for Sat. evening dinner. I will make these modifications Tuesday evening after work. Look for the changes sometime around 9:00 PM EDT.

Even if you are not planning to get in on the group shuttles but do plan to attend the clave (especially if you have stuff to bring for the dinner) please use the shuttle signup and leave all the boxes unchecked. This will at the very least give us a final tally of attendees.

Sorry this is not more organized. We're trying to squeeze this in between stints of attention to our real jobs
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