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RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...

I am also interested in South <b>Monomoy</b>, but if we do not get enough interest I am on the early (6am) shuttle to North Monomoy Saturday and early to South beach Sunday.

! Al - you make a very important point, the shuttle to South MONOMOY requires an agreed upon time in both directions ! Therefore, we would need to set a time for pickup. I would suggest 1 or 2 pm to compromise between those who want to leave at noon and those who would like to fish until 4pm. (bring something to munch on)

We will reach some concensus on the pickup time once we get a headcount.

BTW - Roop... here's what I get from for Monomoy South Point...

<font color="0000ff">June 10 Sat
High: 7:25am / 3.8 ft 8:05pm / 3.9 ft
Low : 1:00am / 0.3 ft 1:31pm / 0.1 ft

June 11 Sun
High: 8:28am / 3.7 ft 9:02pm / 3.9 ft
Low : 2:05am / 0.3 ft 2:29pm / 0.2 ft</font><!--color-->

Can you please re-confirm those tides you posted???
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