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Grosse perche!!

I still remember when the Americans came to Scotland before they had invented Speycasting. They would produce these silly little 9ft rods, and the old gillies would look at them and say "Oh you just here for the troot." Then after great explanations about how quickly you could land fish with a short rod off they would march. They spent the rest of the week climbing trees rescuing flies .........great fun.

Hmmm?? Funny you mention this.......... here in town, I remember ( while workimg at the zec office a few years ago!!
anglers would coming in for an afternoon chat and mention......
Man !! There is a guy in Zone 9,,,,,,, fishing with a telephone pole!!!!!!!
He'll never catch fish....
Who are these weirdo's with the big rods... holdimg them with 2 hands!! Man they must be heavy things!!

But, then it all changed a few years ago!
We all sat and watched!!!!

Or , like me, some were up in a trees trying to save a Magog Smelt or Picasse and these weirdos were still on shore and casting further and further !!!

The challenge is about how we catch the fish and not the size!!!
Isn't that why we are all still fishing???

Keep'em in the water!!

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