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RE:Monomoy - camping

I am definitely out--I have a wedding out of town and will be gone that weekend. I think I mentioned in a previous thread that I will be there the week before though on flats trip and will be glad to give you guys as detailed of a report as I can muster as to good tides, patterns, spots etc.

I will reccomend ahead of time bringing some wire tippet material--last year at the end of May I took a 38" bluefish in about two feet of water. What a blast, I set the hook and he jammed his head into the sand with his tail sticking about 8-9" out of the water trying to grind out the hook, and then took off on a looooong run for deeper water. Classic early season blue--head the size of a football with a skinny little racer body. (someday when I am fly2k compliant, I'll get a damn scanner for my pictures...).

Skip the lighter rods too, the wind was 30 knots before noon!

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