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Scottish Season underway

The first fish was caught on the Helmsdale yesterday.


The first Springer in Scotland was taken on the Helmsdale today. Hugh Wilson ( Glasgow ) was the lucky angler. The sea-liced fish weighed in at 9.5lbs and was surprisingly caught in the Oasis pool on Bt 3. A 1 inch Willie gunn did the trick fished on a sink tip line. With mild temperatures and a large number of anglers expected tomorrow there is every chance of another fish off. Hugh wins the Bridge hotel trophy, complementry day tickets, 1 dozen Willie Gunns and a champagne dinner at the Quiet Piggy resturaunt Brora, and of course the wright to brag "I caught the first fish in Scotland". Last chance for a cast tomorrow so if you can make it, be there!! Dont forget to call at the Tackle shop for your killer flies and valuable advice.

Excellent choice of fly but not so pleased with the choice of line.
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