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RE:Momomoy overrated/ Selective Amnesia

Terry and John -

It is 99% a water temp issue. Roop and I went back mid-week after the clave and fished the westside flats. The water was freezing and the fish were lethargic! We spotted a few but found fish laying beneath the current in a large trench enjoying the water coming off the flats. They were 24" and up but not over 30". I had no complaints.

As we headed across the clam flat to meet Keith and Rip Ryder, fish were busting in plain sunshine. I got slammed on the first cast and was into a steady stream of chunky sub-legals that were hunting the sharp drop off near the south eastern tip of North Monomoy. The water was significantly warmer on the inside, which explains to me why the fish were so active off South Beach on day #1 of the clave. In fact, throughout the outgoing tide the fish were busting off the drop off and with a little persistence I was able to hook two and land a 28" just before reaching the rendezvous point... again in plain sunlight. Earlier in the morning, Chuck and I enjoyed hooking legal bass over 30" 50 yards apart. His went 34", and I'm sure his memories of the day were good.

My assessment of the situation on Monomoy is, the fish are there and they are favoring the areas where the water is preferrable. This means they are on the inside between SB and NM, south of Hardings and are inside Stage as well.

Even though I have been ignoring many of my other haunts lately, if I had one day off I'd still go to Monomoy and concentrate on the inside until the flats warm up.

I am beginning to believe that the reason the Monomoy flats is an effective place for huge cow bass to hang out during warm mid-day summer weather is because of the oxygen rich ocean currents running over the sand. These same atlantic express currents are keeping the west side cold during the late spring conditions we have going. During this delay, the inside is loaded with fish. Once things change, the westside flats will be back to their traditional form once again in my opinion.

Another factor is experience. 99% of the guys on the flats don't know how to sight fish effectively out there. Flats fishing is hard. Once the conditions come around the 1% will be in their element again.

My opinion - it's a fish magnet and it always will be.
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