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RE:Momomoy overrated/ Selective Amnesia


Here are my thoughts.........

I have had some not so succesful and some unbelievably succesful days at Monomoy. This year, my contacts tell me that the water is still just to cold. Although I cannot verify this, one person said that it seems to be almost 10 degrees cooler at this time of year versus years past. I have even seen this impact to fishing on the North Shore from some friends there...
I think Monomoy is a unique situation where you get to actually see the fish. This always lends excitement to the day as most of us spend our SWFF blind casting. Also, you get to fish in the day ! Traditionally, this time of year lends tiself to the beginning of night fishing...........I do not know about you but I would rather be wearing shorts and sun glasses than a jacket and using a light.
Also, the fishing there can be downright hard ! I have had days when I spotted over 200 fish on the flats and caught 3 fish the entire day. I have also had days where I actually saw 10 fish but caught over 50 in some of the holes and channels.
When it comes to size, my experience and history has shown that on average, most of the fish run larger than other spots I fish. But again, they have to be around.......

Do not get down on Monomoy.....with time, you will see some of those multiple fish days with the some real brutes brought to be released. I am hoping we get a few weeks of warm weather before we see our Clave II come on the 30th of June !

Take care
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