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Dear Malcolm,

To cull out the netting as a problem we must also make sure that we understand all the other problems. If only the limited netting that was in place by First Nation people were happening then what would be the problem? Please remember, and I mean this in no way to demean Scottish heritage, that when the family was told to stop netting they did not loose a part of their religious path.

What has happened in Quebec is more like if all the Scottish commoners got together and forced by their vote for the owners of the beats to make them public. This is done by taking away the river leases and rights. Then hire a company(ZEC)to control who gets to use the land and water. Not too long ago the rivers of the Gaspe were wholly leased by aristocrats and the well to do. If I were to compare the Aberdeen Dee to the Matapedia it would go something like this. Up to and including Park would be public. No limit to access and only a daily fee of about 25 pounds. Boats with motors are legal. Among the public and the beginning of the controlled zone were two private sporting lodges with some river access that limits the public access. From Park to Inchmarlo would be run on a lottery basis with a total of 10 rods per day at the price of the Junction on the Tweed. Above that would be all public again for a daily fee where boats without motors were present. Residents would pay about 60% of what no residents pay. The Gairn tributary(Causapscal) with it's run of huge fish would be controlled by a ZEC for 300 pounds per day. It would be a very different situation than the river you know now.

Add to this the PH value changing many rivers, angler taken fish, angler released fish that do not spawn, foul hooked fish, degraded habitat, seals, cormorants, change in climate, and deforestation.

Shall I go on?

We all have a personal level of value to what we do. We all want to have a justification for our actions. We all want the right to do what we love. To be able to all do this we must have some one to point a finger at and say they are the problem when it comes to our pursuit of Salar.

If there could ever come a point when we collectively understand this then the need for one groupís rights to mean more than another's rights may have a chance of becoming equal rights.

Again I state that I am not taking sides, only trying to discuss a topic from the center.

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