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To follow this thread,

I have been fishing in Quebec on public and private and ZEC water for a long time now. I feel I have a pretty darn good understand of the process and the available waters. I know what it feels like to want to fish in the beauty of Quebec’s gleaming waters.

I have been on the Matapedia forks on June 1st and stood as the only outsider fishing for 45 minutes out of each 3 and one half hours. I have been on Hepel in the middle of July as the only outsider getting 15 minutes each pass. Does anyone think that all the boats on the upper Matapedia and Bonnie are owned by Americans? I have put my name into draw after draw after 48 hour draw with very little results to show for my money and effort.

J'essaye d'apprendre le franšais ainsi je peux avoir la meilleure expÚrience.

I have been at the Bonnie when it is just too crowded. How many parking spots do you have to find full on the York to understand what crowded fishing is like.


I have turned my attention and money to private water over the last number of years because I cannot stand the lack of solitude. I want to choose when I sit and when I cast.

So Brian, I full well understand your frustration. But I want you to take a broader look around this season. Maybe in Gaspe you are seeing a few more license plates from outsiders but this is not the case for most public sectors. You are seeing Quebec plates for the majority and you are blaming a few outsiders for your crowd. Also just for clarification on the Causapscal, there are only 25 draw cards accepted. I was number 28 and did get a consolation call. Only 3 days for 2 sports were left at that time. I would have taken it but I was lucky enough this year to get a prime time spot on Glenn Emma that was the same dates. If you call Anne or Richard in Causap a lot of these things could be understood.

I think the main reason why outsiders could be eliminated from the lottery draws without much cause for hardship is self evident. The independent guides would suffer. A little gas a little food and a little hotel space would be hurt. But the general well being of the area would not suffer all that much. The truth is that there are not as many outsiders on the rivers as some might have you believe. And the number on non residents that win spots in the draws is low.

The fact of the matter is that there are just too few salmon. Look at the counts on some of these rivers. I have been following a number of web sites from across the pond. Single rivers where the fish count is greater than the entire Gaspe from Matapedia to Matane. All Private, No Public. Catches so great yet the number of sports are limited with a fishing day that starts at 8am and ends a 5pm. Jacket and Tie fishing at it's very best. The time it takes for me to get to Matapedia is about the same as Edinburgh.

Juro, the answer to being successful in the November draws is to put your name in all of them at a cost of about $500.00 US and then hope you get picked on one. The revenue that is now generated by these draws is a substantial amount. Also you must know the river by sector and pool to make a smart decision. This year the person on the draw must be present as one of the sports. Non transferable unlike as in the past that created the problem with ballot stuffing in Gaspe. You pay a deposit to hold the spot and then the balance in the early spring. The ZEC has the money even if the water goes fallow.

So I will state again. I would welcome a 25/75 rule. The issue is that the good people of Quebec will not.

Dear Malcolm, as far as the netting is concerned. It is the right of the First Nation people to carry on their traditional culture. This is a topic that has roots as deep as Bannock Burn. Every year one person’s rights over another’s are discussed on both sides. As an outsider, I choose not to take sides in this matter. Do I want more salmon in the river? Yes. Do I want a people with ancient history to prosper? Yes. So to answer your query on why there is netting, some will answer why not.


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