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Shoulda prrrof-rrread but was bounced off while posting/typing
Yer right. Sector 3 might be open to all and is one our the jewels of Qc. fishing.9 or 11 kms of WILDERNESS fishing ,all for 6 fishemen!!. Hit it one year 4 days after Millionaire's Pool emptied out and fish ran the Matapedia AND the Pat !Had three days of incredible fishing ! Albini ,however, has changed dramatically this year and I here no longer holds the U.S. Navy sub. fleet of 80+ 25 to 30lbers. One year we counted 200 fish in that pool ! Sector 2 (the canoe run) IS however open only to Qc. and NB residents.Quebecers and NBers alternating each other day.Therefore the 50/50 that I mentioned .Sector one is ,as I remember ,open water. Off the top of my head right now I can count 3 non residents that were in the top 35 in the Causap. draw.

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