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hells hole

[QUOTE=Charlie]I was sitting in my office this afternoon watching the snow come down and I began to daydream about trout fishing and some of the wonderful places it has taken me. The little creek below is probably one of my favorites. Its small, not to many big fish and I would normally not drive the more than the 3 hours it takes me to get there for another creek like it. But it is one of the coolest places I have ever fished. The place is just mesmerizing.

What places do you love to fish? Just a picture or description would be fine, or a general location. No need to give away your best-kept secrets.


P.S. Lots of rattle snakes on this creek too! [/QUO
in the northern tip of south carolina there is a place called hells hole you will get your limit every time so if ur in sc try to find it
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