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Guess I am begining to miss trout fishing. Gave it up on the most part to steelhead fish 20 some odd years ago. Rarely cast a fly to a trout anymore, maybe out at my daughters ranch in Wyoming. But here is my favorite and
it will make you drool.

Know a place in Montana that has a spring creek that is less than 1/2 a mile long more like a quater mile maybe as the crow flies. It comes out of the ground from 3 deep holes about 4 or 5 feet across each. The creek is mostly about 6 to 8 feet wide and 1 foot to 3 foot deep with a few 4 to 5 foot deep cuts on the bends. This Spring Creek ends in the same way it started by just disapearing back into the earth. It has no name no markings on any maps made in the last 50 years but did see it on a real old title map some one had. That's how I went looking for it back in 1978. It is loaded with water cress and so much aquatic insect life, the water crystal clear always. It have never seen it freeze even at 40 below zero but the bushs sure get icy that surround it. The closest river to this creek is about 3 miles away a very famous river indeed. But they have no above ground connection and I do not think they ever have from the looks or lay of the land.

I have never brought anyone to fish this creek not even my best friend or relatives, no one. But back in 1996 while on a visit to Montana found out a famous fly fishing husband and wife knew about it and they said they had never told any of thier clients or even family members because it's such a dream to fish. We think there must be one other person that knows about it because there is an old bench that gets moved from time to time to a different place on the creek and an occasional foot print. I guess you might want to know if there are any fish in it?

Maybe $500,000 and I'll give you some sound clues.
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