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Definitely, however mind the taper.......

In Tying The "FAt BAck Stlye" which is what these flies are (props to Frodin and Norling yo yo brooklyn) the taper is very important (Refering both to the actual ends of the wing material as well as the increasing legnths of the stepped or layered wing.

Using Icleandic sheep, LLAMa or other soft material it is imperative to tie it in reverse or you will have an enormous head (Unless of course you tie in and cut with a scalpel as detailed by MR Shumakov in step by step detailed on another site)

Also, what I believe you mean by doubled over is to have two simalar legnths from a single tie in.. the risk with this method is that where you cut the fur will have the "PAINTBRUSH" effect instead of the natural taper that this fly or stlye deserves.

DO some homework on Temple Dog Michael Frodin HAkan Norling PEATY MAnn Scandanavian Tube Flies etc on GOOGLE and you will find a wealth of information on this subject...some great posts on "SPEY PAGES" Too!

Enjoy... and by the way this style should not be relegated to tubes and fancy materials as simple bucktail and sheep patterns tied in this stlye on short shank hooks kill the albies and bass in the northeast

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