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Boy you guys know some good places to eat and drink!

Chatham Squires a beer and a good single malt what could be better except the great company of stripa fishermen one goes there with.

Brad mentioned the A Bar on the Henery's Fork. I used to eat there every weekend and then fight as many yuppi fly fishermen as would take me on. What a treat that was.

Charlie mentioned Chico Hot Springs my old stomping ground when I lived on old Pete Story's ranch near Emigrant, MT. My wife back then was a good livingston, MT. cowgirl and head waitress there. She was part of the Jimmy Buffett song "Livingston Saturday Night"/ " Rancho Delux" crowd. We ate well after hours at Chico Hot Springs as the owner Mike Art took care of his employees very well indeed. The restraunt Bar would be closed off, food, good drink and other less leagle stuff would be served in great proportions. One never knew who would be eating with you be it the Govenor, movie stars or old and colorful sheep herders dragged out of the back country given a good meal and drink in exchange for the very best of Montana history stories and folk lore. Sometimes those old herders would just start playing their Bango, sweet Montana mountain Blue grass music. It was a time when some waitress could negotiate extra income by giving confort to the politically powerful and the rich and famous. I can only wonder if it still is the same. What do you know Charlie is it still like that? There were nights where we go thru the entire night there then stumble down to the Yellowstone River or one of the spring creeks for a serious morning of fly fishing. Those were great days but ones that had to eventually be given up on or else you were going to crash and burn real hard.
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