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Ghana, of course, is a world-caliber offshore fishing destination. Check out http://www.ghanabluesdotcom/ (and fer cryin out loud, people, I'm trying to help a guy out, not 'promote' a Ghana charter). Big game boats are not too fly friendly, but they might steer you to some flyrod action if you email tem. Clay can get a bit tought to tlk to if you're not after a 'grander', but I'm sure he'll point you in the right direction you if he can.

You need to find a guide or outfitter, if only for your personal safety. I can't emphasize this too strongly.Donot set off cross country with $1000+ of fancy fly gear hanging all over you.

I haven't fished Ghana, but if Ethiopia, Kenya, RSA, Namibia and Congo are any guide, you will find waters very murky (overgrazing erosion is a uge problem) and decent numjbers of freshwater fish in most bodies of water. Tilapia are a lot like our crappie, but a mongo Nike perch can be a heartstopper. Fis for them same way you would for a peacock bass - very bright flies that move a lot of water.
Biggest one we ever got ate a 3' hooked catfish in one gulp.

Talk to Clay and see if he's aware of any 'small game' opportunities in the area.
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