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fly- fishing in Ghana(?) - Africa

Hi, I'm new on this forum, and I frequently check the speyclave-board, and it is a great source of information...
While I'm going to travel to Ghana - West-Africa in January, I just cannot go without my rods, for sure.
I heard some infos about the Lake- and river- Volta, which holds tigerfish, tilapia and nile-perch. The Volta estuary seems to have barracuda and perch in it.
I already started tying streamers, and Co...but It would be great to have some additional infos about the region. The coastline is also interesting, but I am absolutely "green" in SW fishing.
I am planning to bring a shooting head setup with my T&T DH1212, a #9, and an #8 rod with intermediate, and sinking lines.

...some suggestions?

thanks, Peter
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