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Lines: Cortland 444 Clear Intermediate

Does anyone else have a problem with their line & memory?

Yesterday put the nail in the coffin for me & my clear intermediate. Terry & I were on a free charter (details to follow) on a nice productive drift and I spent the majority of my time clearing out the birds nests from my line.

I stretch my line, I take care of my line witha thorough rinsing after every use, I don't let my lines bake in the car but I continually have this problem with this line.

Yesterday I was stripping the line onto the deck and it still fouled.

On the bright side, our guide Art Sawayer, uses the Rio striper line for his interemediate and it was a piece of cake to use. No memory - no birds nest and my choice for a replacement line unless anyone can give me some help.

On a humorous note, we were on one drift yesterday casting poppers. Terry was using the Rio intermediate & I was using my Cortland clear intermediate. Same poppers. Casting them out so they landed side by side - Terry couldn't keep his popper away from the fish. My was ignored like a red-headed step child.

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