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Sufix Synergy-leader materials

My name is Kent Petersen and i live in Sweden and wright english as i speak it,sorry .
I do relly need some help , i been looking on the webb for some Sufix line which is in a article in the U.K magasin
FlyFishing and Flytying and Lefty Kreh is using and testing Sufix Synergy for saltwater leader .Is this any thing you now about- because i cant find it . I am intrestid in 15 lb-80 lb and modell clear(I supposed).
I been looking many ours on the webb and can only find it in shops who sells lines for carpfishing and in size "1500 yards" and in colur gren. I needs only of most size 1 spole each exept for the tippet sizes.
I should be very thankfull if you can help me.
Regards KentPetersen
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