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RE:Life goes on... but it's a kick in the bass

Juro, and Ray, I was out on my son's new boat yesterday, There was some good size bass east of Watch Hill out about 1/4 mile. I did not have the rod setup, and they went down to the 17 foot level before I got a flyrod fishable. His boat went to the shipyard for removal. At Greenhaven Marina, which is up for sale, if anyone is interested, One fisherman was fileting bonita, and throwing the racks in the lobster bait boxes. I didn't ask, but I think they came from the Watch Hill area.
I got my RISAA Newsletter today, again a caution of using the breachways. Two 20 foot boats were wrecked at Charlestown with some injuries a couple of weeks ago. Anyone using them should use extra caution with the stormy seas this time of year.
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