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RE:Life goes on... but it's a kick in the bass

Yeah! on both counts, Juro.

I'm surprise there have been that many Bonito around. Usually they're being caught on Long Island to New Jersey shoreline this time of year.

The migration continues regardless of the storms. They might move a little offshore to get away from the flotsam and hanging debris in the water. Bait will move to quieter deeper waters.

My Polish father once educated me on the "fall migration of fish" He once said that, "Fish migration was like a leaky bathtub, there's more water going out, than coming in."

Being a young brash 20 year old at the time, I said to my dad, " Does this mean that the principle of depreciating deficit of diminished returns of fish, verus the casting implementations apply here?"

My wise dad reply was, "No my son, what I meant was for you to put down the fly rod and get on to other chores, like fixing the tub!"

Seems there are always lessons to learn in life.

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