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HI Pete! Long time no hear, missed ya! Bears Den Show has Pop and Clouser this year Should be great. The RISAA Show in the Prov Convention Center is fast turning into one of my favorites, little to see for the hard core purist but lots of cool stuff for everyone else. T he seminars alone are worth the price and it all goes to a scholarship fund for marine biologist, I believe, no5t into somebodies pocket. Be sure to stock up on tee shirts with 7 or 8 biooths selling some gorgeous shirts for $10 a pop! Lots of charters and custom wood turners too.
Please excuse the typos, been celebrating the arrival of my 3rd grandchild this evening, all in 1 yr. Isabell, 9 months, Jonathan 4 months and now Nathan, I couldn`t be happier. Sambuca with Bass Ale chasers for everyone!
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