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RE:Life goes on... but it's a kick in the bass

Gents: Thanks for the phone calls friday night as you headed for the cape. I was planning on going right to the last when I was reeled back into reality. I really wanted to be there to sign off on season 2000- a season where I fished more than any other, and made/strengthened many friendships. But wow, amazing what a difference a weekend at home (with my heart not diverted by fishing) can make. For someone who has as limited time budget as I do, there had to be some tough trade-offs to get to 6 or so claves and many one day events.
I feel I pretty much kept up with the pack throughout the season and now I must compensate a lot at home. I guess I'm saying it felt good to be caught up on sleep, rake the leaves, clean the basement, and mostly have the time with family.
Man, the time we spent away can really create a void at home. It was all worth it and I'm still trying to find a way to remember it well enough with picture words etc.
SO many memories like:

Seeing Roop go jump out of a guides boat into a blitz in waste high water at Barnstable, rods bending in the boat and out! The guy like to be close to the fish. Then as the blitzing fish are hitting his legs he remembers earlier the mixed in blues! "Uh, I like to come back in the boat now".

Gregg Estey's popper fish May 6, wow- defied the odds and got a fish to rise to a popper when everything was deep and cold! A beautiful surface take akin to trout fishing. First surface action in a new season, and Juro with the box seat view as he walked down the jetty behind us and about 8 feet above.

How about- the image of Al stepping off of Rip Ryders boat carrying an anchor and rope (the one Roop had landed after a protracted fight on an 8 weight at point rip). Talk about completeing the circle Al. That act did. You look like Macarthur coming ashore

Or- pulling up to the empty camp at Nickerson at 10:00 pm and finding a feast in progress- but nobody home?

There's a million of them- thanks- you guys rock!

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