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RE:Life goes on... but it's a kick in the bass

Heck of a day Down Cape at "The Light". Warm with a light breeze, gulls diving on bait, & seals cruising the shoreline. Another great sunrise. Al, Ray & I first met up will Bill S. just before the sunrise, Bob P then Juro came a little later. It was another plus tide, so Big-Girl Bar never came out, but we said or goodbyes anyway & hope she survives the inevitable winter storms.

The Spring Clave, Hosted by Terry W., was capped off with a great meal & conversation at Clancey's; I ordered Fried Oysters. The season ended in Chatham with a great meal & conversation at Squires; I ordered Fried Oysters. Somethings just stay the same.

Al, Ray, Juro & I headed to "The Chatham Angler's HQ" to see the CEO. JohnM, thanks for your Hospitality. I had to bag-out early to trailer the boat back from Bourne to Tewksbury; that was it for me. Back in Bourne, my dad had just come back from 3 hours in the Yak; 1 school of bait, no fish, no birds, no bumps, no swirls.

Ray, it was a real pleasure doing some boat & shore fishing with you this season; looking forward to more in the future, Thanks. "Gitchey Gitchey Yaya YA-Ya!"
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