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Life goes on... but it's a kick in the bass

Had the opportunity to wade the Cape Saturday. Weather wise, perfect day. Beach loaded with walkers, shell gathers and fisherman. Met fellow board contributors for the first time. All aquatic signs were there, except Mr. bass.

6:00 am. Chatham - Tide, high on the drop. One half dozen seals playing and bobbin in the inside surf. Outside bars loaded with terns and gull. Apparently they were there for the same reason. One last final gathering.

10:00 am. Ministers Point - Mid tide on the outgoing, nice current. Water clear. Some silversides, horseshoe crab, and believe it or not, a mature blue shell crab. No bass.

12:00 Break from all the casting and walking. Plenty of life, but the human kind. Squires was rock'in with festive conversation and people enjoying this great day. Onward to the Chatham Angler's Sociality.

4:00 pm. Herring River - Top of the tide, on the incoming. Plenty of bait, silversides, glass minnows, juvi pogy, and maybe some immature herring.

4:20 pm. Bass River - At the peak, Silversides along the bottom following the tide. No fish. Great sunset... kinda like the season. But it ain't over yet. Still chasing the fall migrations. Next stop - Rhode Island and points south.

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