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RE:Lessons Learned - Monomoy Clave

Just a couple of comments from an observer/reluctant intruder:

Beware of overplanning/organizing these events. From my vantage point the ingredients for success are venue, a group of good people with a common passion and some solid pre-planning. Spontaneaity, I suspect, gives each of these events its own character and unique set of memories.

John and Juro's imprompto casting clinic was great. I've watched the Mel Krieger video, read the Lefty casting tips, and been a lurking info. sponge on these sites for the past year or so. But the hands on instruction and tips are unbeatable. Should really be paying for that stuff. The flipping the meatball analogy helped establish an intuitive understanding of the acceleration part of the casting stroke.

On my way to Dennis Saturday I decided, what the hell, and continued to Nickerson to check out the clave HQ. This is kinda out of character for me and I was a bit uncomfortable. The people there were great and any apparent angst on my part was my problem.

Thanks and regards,
Fred A.
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