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leader materials are a difficult thing to discuss.
it is interesting to know that there was an article in Flyfishing & flytying which gave the results of tests done on most FluoroCarbons that are around now, most surprising to me was the fact that not all lines were of the diameter (and thus the BS) they stated, it even varied on the same spool! Best advice i can give, if you have a line you like FC or not, stick to it, because you know exactly what you can do, and more importantly what you cannot do with it.
as for FC, sure its better than common stuff in clear conditions, but dont forget, we all caught our fish before there was FC

as for the testresults Fulling Mill World class FC was one of the best in the test,
if you like me to post the full results here, just throw me an email, as im not in here too often
huib geselschap

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