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RE:Lessons Learned - Monomoy Clave


I already had an Idea for #3; next Clave I am going to bring a case of Frapachino's chilled in my cooler.

As far as #1 goes, are you saying that if you almost lop off the tip of your index finger because your thinking only about getting your lure retied instead of thinking about the fact that you are using a very sharp knife means your fishing too much?

I wonder how big of a fine we would have been slammed with if the park ranger had come to our site with everyone gone & the camp fire burning (on a breezey night)?

It has been said before, but "Claves take on a life of there own." There's usually about 1/2 the people who want to fish at a reasonable pace & also do the social thing. And the other half that wants to fish a lot & squeeze in a little social activity. But the ratio for this clave was about 5%/95%. We all egged each other on & there was no room for a voice of reason.

I feel bad for missing Jay & Diane's Friday dinner, sorry, but The Race waits for no man.

I think we all learned a few things. I for one will no longer cast near cruising seals; I saw the result.

Maybe mid-day meals would be better than suppers, but at other claves (Rhodey) we had a great time sharing stories around the fire. One problem was that we were at Nickerson Park & you could point your finger in any random direction & was probably a great fishing spot within 10 miles. That's just TOO tempting to a group of fishin finnatics!
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